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Fallen Angel is Hail’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Prepare to be transported back to the electric energy of 2000s rock with Hail’s latest single, “Fallen Angel.”

Fallen Angel is Hail’s Single Out Now

This track is a hard rock gem that weaves a spell of intensity and magic that’s impossible to resist.

The moment the guitars kick in, you’re hit with a wave of power that envelops you in its grip.

The guitar work is strong and dynamic, setting the stage for what’s to come. And what truly takes this song to the next level is the angelic voice of Hayley, which is hypnotizing.

Hayley’s vocal timbre is fantastic, and her control over her voice is something to envy. As she reaches those high notes in the melody, it’s as if you’re being lifted to a musical paradise.

Her voice is a guiding light in the darkness, leading you through the sonic landscape with grace and power.

What sets “Fallen Angel” apart is its ability to keep you in a state of tension throughout its duration.

The repetitive guitar riff and the mysterious piano create a captivating atmosphere that holds you in its thrall. It’s a musical journey that demands your attention, and you willingly give in to its allure.

The lyrics of the song are a beautiful addition to the overall experience, adding depth and emotion to the music.

“Fallen Angel” is a sonic journey that leaves you breathless and hungry for more, a reminder that the magic of rock is very much alive and well.

Hail has delivered a powerful and intense experience with this single, and it’s a ride worth taking.

Fallen Angel is Hail’s Single Out Now!


Fallen Angel is Hail’s Single Out Now

Initially the solo project of lead-singer Hayley; Hail has recently expanded into a full symphonic metal band, holding their debut performance as a new collective in August. Following on from previous releases, Hail remains influenced by Evanescence, Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil – bringing operatic vocals, gothic imagery, and heavy guitars.

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