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Fallen is Eddie King’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The opening bass line of Eddie King and ReBoot’s new single, “Fallen,” is pure mystery.

Fallen is Eddie King’s Single Out Now

It’s a low, rumbling pulse that burrows deep into your ears, setting the stage for a song that exists on the fringes of reality.

The sound design is masterful, creating an ethereal space that hangs somewhere between the tangible and the metaphorical.

Every detail in this song feels deliberate, crafted with attention to build a world where even the background hum holds significance.

The verses might bring Incubus’ “Drive” to mind, with their brooding intensity. But King’s vocals and songwriting sensibilities inject a dose of 80s nostalgia, a shimmering layer that adds a fascinating wrinkle to the track.

The guitar solo is where the song truly shines. It’s a scorching eruption of emotion, a cathartic scream that channels pure longing through its searing notes.

The accompanying video for “Fallen” is a visual feast that complements the song perfectly. Shot almost entirely in black and white, it adds an artistic edge that perfectly matches the song’s vibe.

But the real brilliance lies in the hidden messages scattered throughout. The box with the horse on it, the guitar strap on the pedalboard – these are details that beg for interpretation, inviting fans to delve deeper into the song’s meaning.

To truly unravel the secrets, you have to follow Eddie King’s journey, piecing together the clues along the way.

Fallen is Eddie King’s Single Out Now!


Georgia-based rock outfit Eddie King & ReBoot emerged as the culmination of almost 3 collective decades of collaboration between lead vocalist and guitarist Eddie King, rhythm guitarist Brian Wilson, drummer Kevin Blocksom, and new bassist Melvin Scudder. Refining their vision at lightning speed, and with a signature sound that builds on the foundations laid by legends from Jeff Beck and The Beatles to Lenny Kravitz and Led Zeppelin, Eddie King & ReBoot are pioneers of a new era of bluesy rock — one characterized by a distinct nod to the modern indie and alternative canons, as well as a reputation for resonant lyricism inspired by the essence and inherent beauty of life’s profound moments.

Now, the band is gearing up for their biggest year yet, with a series of new tracks and videos already in the works, alongside plans to release vinyl and bring their collective energy to the stage with a slew of live performances, much to the delight of their diverse and growing fanbase.

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