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Farmtime is The Amanda Emblem Experiment’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Amanda Emblem Experiment’s EP Farmtime is an impressive collection of songs that showcases the band’s talent and versatility.

Farmtime is The Amanda Emblem Experiment’s Ep Out Now

Amanda Emblem’s voice is a standout, with its sweet and intense delivery that conveys a depth of emotion.

The melodies are catchy and nostalgic, while the chord progressions are well-crafted and keep the listener engaged throughout.

The arrangements are superb, with each instrument playing its part to create a rich and textured soundscape. The band’s performance is masterful, with each member delivering their lines with conviction and passion.

In terms of style, Farmtime bears, in my opinion, some similarities to the work of bands like Counting Crows and Grant Lee Buffalo.

There’s a strong sense of Americana in the band’s sound, with elements of folk, blues, and rock all blending together seamlessly.

The songwriting is also top-notch, with each song telling a unique story and showcasing the band’s ability to craft memorable melodies.

Overall, Farmtime is a highly recommended EP that showcases the Amanda Emblem Experiment as a band to watch.

With their strong songwriting, talented musicianship, and charismatic frontwoman, they have the potential to make a big impact on the alternative rock scene.

Farmtime is The Amanda Emblem Experiment’s Ep Out Now!


Farmtime is The Amanda Emblem Experiment’s Ep Out Now

Amanda is known to most of her old friends as Kylie. As an adopted person she gained access to her birth certificate in her 30’s, finding out her birth name to be Amanda June Emblem.
In the 20 years of her recording career she has released over 60 titles under the various band names as the main songwriter. In 2017, after the demise of her last band, Amanda decided on a title that she could work with ongoing. Hence “The Amanda Emblem Experiment” set into motion and the artist Amanda Emblem emerged going forward till this day.

From her early teens in various Rock Bands, Amanda has explored a world with music as her guide. Songwriting was her passion very early on, and she took to the road in pursuit of likeminded musicians to work with, starting a recording career in her early 20’s in Adelaide (after two years playing bass with a blues band) with indie pop rock band Kaleidoscope, who enjoyed much success on Australia’s National Broadcaster Triple J.

For the majority of her career, prior to starting her own band, Amanda performed live on bass guitar and lead vocals mostly, but used her guitar skills for songwriting and recording.

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