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Fatboy Slim and His Bad Encounter With David Bowie

Fatboy Slim wishes he’d never met David Bowie

Usually, people are very happy when they meet their favorite musical hero. Unfortunately, the well-known Fatboy Slim had a very different experience when he saw in person his idol, David Bowie.

Fatboy Slim and His Bad Encounter With David Bowie

Did you know? Fatboy Slim is the stage name of Norman Quentin Cook. He started his career as a musician and played in different bands of the ’80s and ’90s as “The Housemartins”, “Beats International”, “Pizzaman” and “Freak Power”. He also got famous as DJ and record producer.

Fatboy Slim has spoken about his meeting with David Bowie during a recent interview with Kevin Bishop and reported by “Radio X”. In an exclusive event at Brighton Beach House in Uk, he told some anecdotes about his youth in the city and talked about his regrets.

Bishop asked him if people should see their heroes and if he regretted having met anyone. Fatboy answered that the majority is very happy to do this and keeps good memories for their entire life. Then the musician revealed that he would never want to encounter the late David Bowie.

Fatboy explained the facts. At the time he was at the peak of his fame. He had the opportunity to participate in the afterparty of Bowie’s private show. He had a few drinks and he saw Bowie. He asked him for a cigarette and introduced himself saying ‘I’m Fatboy Slim, by the way.

His hero answered only ‘Yes, I know’ and he continued his conversation with another person. Bowie was very polite but totally ignored Fatboy Slim.

Fatboy Slim and His Bad Encounter With David Bowie

The musician had Paul McCartney as a neighbor, so he compared him with Bowie. He commented that McCartney was adorable as most people. He then said that people are usually gentle and they tend to be kinder as they become older. They don’t need to prove their ego or that they are smarter than you!

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