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Feedback is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
when The Margaret Hooligans are out with a new song it’s always a good day.

Feedback is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single

This song begins with a nice dialogue that demonstrates right away the attitude of this duo.

They don’t give a damn what people think of them. They walk straight on their way.

Feedback took me back to the ’60s. This song would make the perfect soundtrack for one of those car race scenes where a beautiful girl lowers her handkerchief to give the go.

It’s hard to give feedback when the lyrics of the song say “I don’t want your feedback” but I’m as brave as they are and so that’s why I’m writing my impressions.

These guys are great and there is a need for their music in the world. This kind of musical energy is lacking in the global music scene and The Margaret Hooligans deserve great success around the world.

Feedback is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now!


Feedback is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single

Feedback is the sixth and last single release from our upcoming album release Turntable Tribulations on Oct. 21. Executed with driving electric ukulele riffs and powerful drumming, Feedback is a song about opinion overload and it questions the purpose of oversharing in the digital age. It’s an energetic anthem for the introvert who has found online socializing just as stressful as in person interactions.

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