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Feralman’s New Album is Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
we already reviewed Feralman in the past but he just released his new album ‘Chapters 35-43′ and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Another fine work by this talented artist capable of creating unique emotions with his music.

Music born to make you travel with your thoughts and amplify your fantasies.

Every time I listen to this artist I feel a sense of tranquility and melancholy.

Past memories emerge like air bubbles that reach the surface of the ocean…eternal moments of awareness.

This work by Feralman is very coherent and absolutely well produced.

A journey that starts with ‘I am DRAGON!’ and ends with ‘And Then You Were Gone’.

Like life, this album starts with many hopes followed in the middle by the adventures of life and in the end, one has to come to terms with life which is beautiful but also merciless.

This album is a photograph of a life, of a love that will stay with us forever.

If you want to experience unique emotions press the play button you will not regret it.

Chapters 35-43 is Feralman’s Album Out Now!

Poetry in music!


Welsh/Australian singer and songwriter with a lean towards cinematic alternative indie-folk.

Feralman has always had a passion for music and the arts. He draws influence from the natural, emotional and spiritual world and has regularly documented life events in one form or another, be it paintings, poetry, stories or in the form of song.

Find Feralman Here:


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