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Fight Of The Bumblebee is Call in Dead’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Call in Dead are back with a new juicy single and since I’m already a fan of this talented band I want to share my opinion about this new tune.

This fantastic band is back with a new crazy single. I like their wild sound, a ride that leaves no respite.

It feels like this band has a particular musical understanding that they have managed to create after years of sweating in the rehearsal room.

These are the bands that are missing nowadays, or rather there are, but they should have more “media space” because they represent a movement of real musicians who manage to put up a show by really playing and not just having fun with the buttons of a computer.

The contact with the instruments, the pick plucking the strings of the guitar, the drumsticks hitting the skins, the singer who spits the lyrics on the microphone, this is the real music for me and I thank these guys who keep making it.

Keep Rocking Guys, Your Music Is Important!

Fight Of The Bumblebee is Call in Dead’s Single Out Now!

Just Fantastic!


Quote: “Fight of the Bumblebee is our third singe off our 7” released by DCxPC Live. The song was recorded live in the Danger Room in Orlando, FL. It mixes our love for punk, hardcore and metal into an aggressive song with a positive message, “take the road less travelled” because doing what everyone else has already done is not how to live.”

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