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Fighting The Dog is Morning Crush’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Morning Crush delivers a double dose of dreamy nostalgia with their new single and video, “Fighting the Dog.”

Fighting The Dog is Morning Crush’s Single Out Now

If you crave those bittersweet twilight feels, this track is a must-listen.

From the intro, the song casts a spell. The vocalist’s intimate delivery draws you into a world of introspection and quiet intensity. There’s a definite 90s influence in the soundscape, a retro vibe with a modern twist that creates a unique musical limbo.

But “Fighting the Dog” transcends mere genre nostalgia. The accompanying music video, directed by none other than Stranger Things’ Amybeth McNulty, elevates the experience to a whole new level.

McNulty proves her talent extends beyond acting. The visuals perfectly capture the song’s mood: a crepuscular atmosphere that portrays the struggles of everyday life. Yet, amidst the darkness, there’s a flicker of hope, a reminder that help can be found even in the most unexpected places.

The video shows McNulty’s skills as a director, and the collaboration with Morning Crush is a perfect marriage of sound and image. The song and visuals intertwine seamlessly, gifting you a great artistic journey.

Fighting The Dog is Morning Crush’s Single Out Now!



Morning Crush release their next single Fighting The Dog with music video directed by STRANGER THINGS star Amybeth Mcnulty, produced by Kiki Tabizel and Luke Cutforth.

With their usual mix of emotional folk and loud alternative rock. Morning Crush release their next single which tells the story of desperately searching for authenticity and finding a strong connection with those most effected by the harsh realities of urban decay.

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