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Find My Way Home is Rich Kid Express’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Rich Kid Express, the brainchild of Rob Richardson, unleashes a double dose of rock royalty with his new single, “Find My Way Home.”

Find My Way Home is Rich Kid Express’ Single Out Now

Buckle up, because this track grabs you by the ears from the very first AC/DC-inspired riff, transporting you to a stadium filled with lighters swaying and heads banging.

Rich Kid Express has a knack for capturing the raw, electrifying energy of rock legends like AC/DC. “Find My Way Home” is no exception, with its soaring guitars, driving drums, and Richardson’s powerful vocals channeling the spirit of rock’s golden age.

But it’s not just a nostalgia trip; this song feels fresh and current, injecting the classic sound with a modern edge.

What truly elevates “Find My Way Home” is its relatable message. The yearning for home, that feeling of comfort and belonging you get within a stone’s throw, resonates deeply with anyone who’s ever experienced it.

Richardson captures this universal emotion with cool lyrics that paint a vivid picture of that final stretch towards sanctuary.

But the journey doesn’t end there. The single comes with a bonus track, “Moneyman,” another rock anthem fueled by powerful guitar riffs and dynamic shifts.

It’s a pure 80s rock throwback that will have you headbanging and air-guitaring in no time. So crank it up and let Rich Kid Express take you on a journey to home (and rock’n’roll heaven)!

Find My Way Home is Rich Kid Express’ Single Out Now!


When you struggle or have issues that make life tough – there is always one place you can go to find help or happiness.

Rich Kid Express is a one man circus! Multi-instrumentalist Rob Richardson has formed RKE as a way to bring back the big riffs and hooks….to create fun, catchy rock and roll.

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