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Fishing The River is Robbie & the Rapids band’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Forget the bait and tackle box, Robbie & the Rapids band bring their own brand of hooks on their latest single, “Fishing The River.”

Fishing The River is Robbie & the Rapids band’ Single Out Now

 This genre-bending track is a delightful exploration of the artist’s multifaceted personality.

The song is a masterclass in irony. Bluesy riffs intertwine with a playful melody, perfectly capturing the frustration and (perhaps) fibs that can come with a less-than-successful fishing trip.

Rapids’ compositional history is made of introspective ballads and beautiful melodies but also of songs like Fishing The River that are more rock-ironic and blues-driven.

The chorus is a true earworm, a retro throwback that conjures up images of sun-drenched days and faded Polaroids – a perfect snapshot of the camaraderie and nostalgia often associated with fishing adventures.

The guitar solo deserves a special mention. Thin in tone but bursting with precision, it adds a layer of scorching fun to the mix.

The driving rhythm section keeps the whole thing afloat, ensuring the good vibes flow freely.

“Fishing The River” is a mood enhancer, a reminder to embrace the joy of the experience, even if the fish aren’t biting.

Fishing The River is Robbie & the Rapids band’ Single Out Now!


Fishing The River is Robbie & the Rapids band’ Single Out Now

This song is about Robbie’s lack of skill fishing and being out-fished by his cousin Jim.

Robbie Rapids is a singer/guitarist from Grand Rapids, MI now residing in Atlanta, GA. Robbie’s style of music focuses on Rock. It includes hard rock, pop rock, alternative rock, indie rock, adult oriented rock, and dabbles in southern rock, blues rock, and country/folk rock. You can hear Robbie perform with “Robbie & the Rapids” around Atlanta, GA.

Robbie & the Rapids consist of: Robbie Rapids – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar, Ralph Crabtree – Lead Guitar, Steve Jones – Organ, Matt Stachler – Bass Guitar & Backing Vox, Scott Jacobs – Drums

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