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Flask is Space Owl’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Space Owl’s new single, “Flask,” is a sonic cocktail that’s as intoxicating as its namesake.

Flask is Space Owl’s Single Out Now

It’s a swirling vortex of musical influences, a kaleidoscopic journey through prog-rock, avant-garde, and reggae, all expertly blended by the visionary songwriter Ari Joshua.

Prepare to have your mind melted as we dive into this musical masterpiece.

The first thing that grabs you about “Flask” is its intricate chord progressions. Like stepping into a harmonious maze, each note twists and turns, leading you down unexpected paths and keeping you guessing.

But fear not, this labyrinth is one you’ll never want to escape. The music is so captivating, so full of delightful surprises, that you’ll find yourself willingly lost in its sonic embrace.

One can’t help but imagine Frank Zappa, the godfather of musical weirdness, nodding his approval from some celestial perch. “Flask” channels his spirit of experimentation and genre-bending, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of what rock music can be.

It shows Space Owl’s talent. They can pull off such a diverse and ambitious soundscape without it ever feeling chaotic or disjointed.

As the song unfolds, it’s like witnessing a musical big bang. Prog rock’s soaring guitars collide with the pulsating rhythms of reggae, while avant-garde flourishes add a dash of unexpected spice.

“Flask” is not a song to be rushed. It’s a slow sip, an aged Italian Chianti that rewards patient exploration. Each listen reveals new layers of nuance, hidden melodies, and subtle details that make the song even more captivating.

So put on your headphones, close your eyes, and let Space Owl take you on a journey through their musical universe. You won’t be disappointed.

Space Owl’s “Flask” is a triumph of musical imagination. So raise a glass (or a flask) to Space Owl, and prepare to be amazed.

Flask is Space Owl’s Single Out Now!

Meticulously Crafted!

Flask is Space Owl’s Single Out Now

Space Owl is no stranger to pushing boundaries. With over a decade of experience, they have earned a loyal following for their unique blend of psychedelic rock and genre-bending explorations. Their recent vault exploration unearthed a treasure trove of previously unreleased material, including the captivating “Thunder and Lightning”, a Bob Lovelace composition that evokes the spirit of the Grateful Dead’s legendary live shows. Additionally, “Home”, “I Will Come To You”, and “Why Does Love Always Break Your Heart” showcase the band’s versatility, ranging from pop-rock sensibilities to poignant ballads.

Composer Ari Joshua, is a visionary. He honed his skills at The New School in NYC and collaborated with various artists, including Big High, AriSawkaDoria, and countless others. Additionally, Ari founded The Music Factory, a music school celebrating its 15th anniversary, providing over 100,000 music lessons and employing close to 100 individuals

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