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Fly Tipping In The Amazon is Matador Cheeks’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Matador Cheeks, the brainchild of Dale Miller, new single “Fly Tipping in the Amazon” is a one of a kind piece of art.

Fly Tipping In The Amazon is Matador Cheeks’ Single Out Now

This track is a compelling blend of influences, a swirling vortex of sounds.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the guitar riff. It’s sharp and angular, reminiscent of Radiohead at their most experimental. But then Miller’s vocals kick in, and everything shifts.

His especially in the lower registers, echoing the low-fi croon of David Bowie at his coolest.

Yet, “Fly Tipping in the Amazon” is far more than the sum of its influences. Miller manages to forge his own sonic identity, a sound that’s familiar and utterly unique.

The rhythm section is tight and urgent, complementing the complexity of the melody.

The lyrics are another highlight. They’re sharp and pointed, a scathing commentary on environmental destruction.

Miller isn’t afraid to tackle big issues, and he does so with a healthy dose of wit.

“Fly Tipping in the Amazon” is a song that demands repeated listens. Each time you spin it, you discover something new – a hidden melody, a clever turn of phrase.

This is an artist with a clear vision and the talent to bring it to life.

Fly Tipping In The Amazon is Matador Cheeks’ Single Out Now!


Fly Tipping In The Amazon is the latest release from British artist Matador Cheeks. Originally from Whitby, North Yorkshire and currently based in Sheffield – Dale Miller is the sole driving force behind the musical output of Matador Cheeks, and every track is a window into his mind and worldview.

His latest single is a deep reflection on his perception of the world, the ways people cause affliction, and the atrocious treatment of a planet we should be nursing. He sings with lackadaisical disdain and emotional aghast in equal measure, before settling into a falsetto for the finale where he ponders if radical acceptance is the logical next step – or maybe the only available step.

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