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Footprints is John Michael Hersey’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
John Michael Hersey’s latest musical offering, “Footprints,” is a journey through the realms of classic rock, showcasing the seasoned talent of an artist who will leave a mark on the music scene.

Footprints is John Michael Hersey’s Album Out Now

It’s evident from the start that Hersey brings a wealth of experience to the table, crafting a collection of tracks that are as solid as they come.

The opening track, “Everybody Wants It Now,” immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its energy. From the pressing drums to the intense guitar riffs, there’s a sense of urgency that permeates through every note.

It’s a bold statement of intent, setting the stage for what’s to follow.

“I Get Down” continues to ride the wave of energy established by its predecessor, keeping the vibes alive and kicking.

Yet, it’s with “Luster” that Hersey begins to unveil the full extent of his musical palette. Here, we’re treated to jazzy nuances that add a layer of sophistication to the album.

It’s a refreshing layer from the straight-ahead rock of the opening tracks, revealing another facet of Hersey’s compositional prowess.

“Tuesday Is Blues Day” shows this artist’s versatility, offering a glimpse into the world of blues. Hersey’s guitar work truly shines here, painting a vivid picture of the genre’s emotive power.

Yet, it’s the more introspective moments on tracks like “Break the Glass” and “Nothing” that truly showcase Hersey’s songwriting chops.

Here, stripped-back arrangements allow his lyrics to take center stage, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of the artist’s mind.

Throughout “Footprints,” it’s clear that Hersey is not only a great guitarist but also a skilled songwriter. There’s a sense of authenticity that permeates through every note, inviting the listener to delve deeper into the artist’s world.

Footprints is John Michael Hersey’s Album Out Now!


Footprints is John Michael Hersey’s Album Out Now

Singer/Songwriter/Actor John Michael Hersey has released eighteen albums of his music including the August 2023 album Wildwood. Known for his sophisticated yet accessible melding of rock, pop, folk, blues and country, Hersey is first and foremost a storyteller. About the album The Reincarnation of a Rock, Ragtalent.com wrote that “with cinematic instrumental songs, waltzes, and songs that sound like they could easily be part of a theatrical performance, this record has a lot to soak in but damn it’s fun to do so.” Beachsloth.com wrote that Hersey’s album, Dreamtime “proves to be an absolute, unhinged kind of joy, one sung straight from the heart, showing off [an] uncanny ear for melody.” And Tom Franks of folkwords.com wrote that Hersey’s Adirondack “is raw, hard, observant and thought provoking.”

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