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Foreign Voices Vol. 2 is Foreign Voices’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In a musical landscape often dominated by gloss and predictability, Foreign Voices emerge like a raw and unfiltered gust of wind with their EP “Foreign Voices Vol. 2.”

Foreign Voices Vol. 2 is Foreign Voices’ Ep Out Now

Their brand of alternative rock is a rich tapestry of sonic shades masterfully woven into an innovative musical blend that captivates the listener from the first chord.

What immediately strikes the senses is the band’s unabashedly direct and unpolished sound. It’s a sonic aesthetic that harkens back to the grunge era of the ’90s, where raw emotion and unadulterated intensity reigned supreme.

Yet, Foreign Voices manage to infuse their music with a modern sensibility that keeps it relevant and fresh.

The vocalist’s performance is fantastic. In his delivery, there are echoes of the great Eddie Vedder, a voice that carries the weight of intense passion and emotion.

It’s an interpretation that gives these songs the emphasis they deserve, adding a layer of depth and authenticity that is often missing in contemporary music.

It’s clear that these musicians have spent ample time in the rehearsal room, honing their craft to perfection.

While the EP tips its hat to the ’90s, it manages to carve out a distinct modern identity, making it a compelling listen for fans of both eras. The songs are solid, and they resonate with a sense of nostalgia while also firmly planting themselves in the present.

Foreign Voices’ “Foreign Voices Vol. 2” is a reminder that beneath the polished veneer of the music industry, there are still bands willing to embrace the raw and authentic spirit of rock.

Foreign Voices Vol. 2 is Foreign Voices’ Ep Out Now!


Foreign Voices are a South West based band, with members from Plymouth, Stroud and Cornwall. The current line-up has been in place since September 2022, although the band has existed with various line-ups since 2019, when Ian reached out to Tom and Martyn to start playing music together again after several years in other projects.

Having brought their old friend Adam on board, and recruited Dylan from outside sources the band played their first gig in September 2022. The band released their debut EP in May of 2023 and the result mixes elements of post punk, indie, alternative rock and post rock.

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