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Forevermore is Robert LaRoche’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Robert LaRoche’s latest offering, “Forevermore,” is a musical voyage that pays homage to the past while firmly planting its roots in the present.

Forevermore is Robert LaRoche’s Album Out Now

LaRoche’s compositional style, as evident in this collection, is a masterful blend of nostalgia and contemporary sensibilities.

The songs on “Forevermore” are a testament to his vast musical experience, bearing the marks of a craftsman with an impeccable ear for harmony and dynamism.

One cannot help but be struck by the meticulously crafted chord progressions that flow through this album like a well-woven tapestry.

Each note seems purposefully chosen, creating a sense of musical precision that is often lacking in today’s popular music landscape. It’s clear that LaRoche has spent years honing his art, and it shines through in every note.

The production quality of “Forevermore” is professional. The soundscapes are rich, immersive, and exquisitely mixed. Every instrument finds its rightful place in the sonic landscape, creating a lush and captivating listening experience.

But what truly sets Robert LaRoche apart, in the spirit of the great music critics of the past, is his unapologetic authenticity.

In a world where artists often hide behind masks and personas, LaRoche strips away the artifice and lets his music speak for itself.

He invites us into his world, unfiltered and unadulterated, through the medium of his songs. This is an artist who bares his soul through his music, leaving no room for pretense or posturing.

Forevermore is Robert LaRoche’s Album Out Now!


Forevermore is Robert LaRoche’s Album Out Now

Singer\Songwriter\Guitarist Robert LaRoche, began performing professionally at age 15. Originally from Holyoke, Massachusetts, LaRoche formed Power Pop sensations The Sighs in 1982.

After 10 years of touring the college\club circuit of New England, the Sighs were signed to Virgin Records and released their debut cd “What Goes On” in 1992. The disc received fantastic reviews and the single “Think About Soul” was a staple on “Modern Rock” radio charts throughout the Summer of 1992.

The band toured America extensively with such acts as The Spin Doctors and The Gin Blossoms.

The band disbanded in 1996 and LaRoche moved on to his next career as lead guitarist and co-writer for Austin, Texas singer Patricia Vonne.

In July 2019, Austin singer-songwriter LaRoche released “A Thousand Shades”. This six song EP is bursting with irresistible hooks and LaRoche’s signature harmonies and mesmerizing vocals. Backed by many of Austin’s top Musicians, “A Thousand Shades” takes the listener on a journey of love and heartbreak, with a silver lining of redemption.

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