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Forty Seasons is Robby & The Secret’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Robby & The Secret but they are now back with a new cool single and this is what I think about it.

Forty Seasons is Robby & The Secret’s Single Out Now

The compositional quality of this song left me speechless.

It’s difficult to conceive such articulated songs. The melody of Forty Seasons is intense and delicate.

The vocal interpretation is masterful and follows the numerous dynamic variations that like a roller coaster take you up and down the spectrum of emotions.

This song speaks about something that many people can relate to. Losing someone important and moving on anyway, because in the end that’s life.

I advise everyone to listen to this song several times. Taste it like a glass of aged whiskey in small sips so as to appreciate all its nuances.

Robby & The Secret is a great band. The outro of the song with those ethereal keyboards and guitar solos literally made me fly into infinite space.

10 out of 10!

Forty Seasons is Robby & The Secret’s Single Out Now!



Forty Seasons is a strong atmospheric song with suspense and a deep sound. Inspired by the early sound of Pink Floyd and the later sound of Nick Cave forty seasons flows in your ears with a lot of dynamic and intention. The song is about winning and losing somebody and about to feel the strength to carry on. Losing one of the band members is always the hardest thing to go through in a music career. But it also gives power to go on and to do it again. To create again, to write another song, to make a new album, to go on the road and perform again. As a spirit he keeps watching and gives the power to go on. To release each other and to give it a place in the heart is necessary to start again and to move on. Forty Seasons is about missing and about new energy. 10 years of playing, 10 years of creating, forty seasons of being in a band together. Now it’s time to move on. Ready for another 10 years, another Forty Seasons!

Driven by stories of life, stories of love, sadness, and happiness they always loved the world of creating with melodies, harmonies, rhythm, and words. Looking for new boundaries in pop and rock. Combining rootsy guitars with poetic lyrics and strong dynamics. Working with loud drumbeats to intime soft percussion. Letting the lyrics and music speak. Inspired by the grassland of North Holland, the woods in the south of Holland they travel with their music from Amsterdam to LA, from Seattle to Nashville to find their own roots in music. Enjoying and loving the medium music to write that new story and to write that new musical book or novel. With the Secret they found an ultimate musical collective which can surf over the thin lines and waves of alternative rock and pop. Always looking for the new and psychedelic edges, gliding the waves of sound and inspired by dreams and reality. For the Secret there are no concessions, no limits, and no rules in music. They play and write out of (our) their huge experience as musicians and out of their ups and downs in life with the heart and soul. Music is everything for them and they love to explore in the secret field of music which they call The Secret. You can call their music, cinematic, atmospheric, deep, pure, and honest. In creating the music, they feel very emotional and deliver a style which is sweet and graceful but at the same time threatening and dangerous.

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