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Forward Emotion (let Yourself Go) is Ragdoll’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Ragdoll in the past but they are out with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Every time I listen to the music of this band I breathe a sigh of relief because every now and then I need to hear a sound like this.

It feels like these guys grew up with real rock, the legendary music of the past and managed to offer their version to the world.

A refined rock where you can feel the attention to detail and love for music. The thing I like most about this band is the passion they put into interpreting their songs.

A special mention to the choirs, which are very well thought out and magistrally performed and manage to make the chorus explode even more.

The guitar solo is also great with a sound that in some moments reminded me of Brian May’s.

A band that is reconfirmed and that I hope will continue for a long time to compose beautiful songs.

Forward Emotion (let Yourself Go) is Ragdoll’s Single Out Now!

Refined and Real!


“Forward Emotion (let yourself go) is a song about what becomes possible when you follow your heart and truly let yourself go”. Ragdoll was formed in Northampton UK in the late ’80s by brothers Dave and Wayne Cox. The band played a mix of original and covers on a local and national level until the mid 90’s when the members began moving to different countries.

The band reconnected during the Covid lockdown and began writing and recording new material.

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