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Free At Last is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the very first strum of the guitar accompanied by deep, resonating bass, Matt DeAngelis’s single “Free At Last” inspires listeners with its enchanting melody.

Free At Last is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

DeAngelis’s angelic voice sits above the music, drawing listeners into a hopeful and inspiring narrative that speaks to a better future guided by faith.

“Free At Last” is a message of hope in turbulent times. DeAngelis’s vocals, reminiscent of a divine gift, breathe life into the lyrics, offering solace and encouragement to those who listen.

The track’s message of faith and redemption resonates deeply, offering a comforting reminder of the power of belief in challenging times.

The production of “Free At Last” is flawless, and shows once again DeAngelis’s talent. This folk ballad carries a timeless quality, making it a comforting companion for those navigating through moments of darkness.

Matt DeAngelis seems destined to deliver songs like “Free At Last,” where every element, from the melody to the lyrics, serves to uplift the spirit.

Free At Last is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now!


Free At Last is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

“Free At Last” is a song written about the many struggles one faces throughout life, but can be weathered with the support of a loved one, and/or a higher power. The entire landscape of life can truly be incredible, but seldom is it beautiful without sharing it with someone.

On our own, we can seldom make it right, but by putting our trust in another being, through faith, we can obtain an inner hope which can set us free. From my perspective, the only way freedom can be obtained is through faith itself, by letting it go and trusting in God. We only become free at last when we come to the realization that freedom is in the heart and not just the mind and the only control, we truly have is our own attitude.

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