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Fringe Benefits is mUmbo’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
mUmbo are back with a very interesting single and this is what I think about it.

Fringe Benefits is mUmbo’s Single Out Now

The melody of this tune is sinuous and sexy while the lyrics are intense and talk about a deep topic.

The different vibes between the musical part and the meaning of the song are fantastic.

A psychedelic and magical blues with an EQ that emphasizes mid to high frequencies.

The guitar solo manages to excite and the voice with a slight megaphonic effect plays with the melody in a fantastic interpretation.

Fringe Benefits gives it a lot of space for music, in fact, even the outro is a musical fade out that makes you want to press the play button again to relive this experience.

mUmbo always composes refined music, with attention to every detail.

Absolutely confirmed.

Fringe Benefits is mUmbo’s Single Out Now!


Fringe Benefits is mUmbo’s Single Out Now

Following a highly creative and productive period in 2022/23 which saw the band’s profile rise rapidly through widespread international radio play and the indie music press Alternative Rock Band, mUmbo, based between the UK and Italy, drop their 6th single and 2nd release of the year, ‘Fringe Benefits’.

The song alludes to the social and personal challenges of our time. Sonically, it mines the rich vein of retro blues rock and alt rock. A song for, and of, our times.

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