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Gang War/Speed Kills is The Savage Hearts’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Savage Hearts aren’t messing around. Their new double single, “Gang War/Speed,” is a potent shot of adrenaline, a perfect introduction for anyone craving a dose of catchy, intense alternative rock.

Gang War/Speed Kills is The Savage Hearts’ Single Out Now

From the first note, the band’s infectious energy is palpable. Solidly distorted guitars lay down a foundation as powerful as it is catchy, reminiscent of bands like Jet.

There’s an undeniable chemistry between these musicians, a tight cohesion that elevates every note.

The Savage Hearts aren’t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve, weaving nuances of the past into a sound that’s undeniably unique.

Both tracks on the EP pulsate with a driving rhythm section that keeps your head nodding. “Speed Kills” boasts raw punk energy, channelling the spirit of the Ramones while adding their own distinctive touch.

The addition of female backing vocals in the chorus injects a surprising sweetness, a unique twist that further sets the song apart.

“Gang War” takes a different approach, crafting a distinct soundscape with the use of atmospheric keyboards. Harmonica, used in both songs, adds a touch of folk in their musica universe.

This is an exploration of textures and influences, all delivered with unbridled passion.

“Gang War/Speed” is a triumph. It’s a double dose of rock and roll excitement, marking The Savage Hearts as a band to watch. Their music is energetic, inventive, and infused with an undeniable sense of fun.

With this release, they’ve proven they’re not afraid to push boundaries and forge their own path, leaving audiences eager for more.

Gang War/Speed Kills is The Savage Hearts’ Single Out Now!


Gang War/Speed Kills is The Savage Hearts’ Single Out Now

Since forming in 2022, The Savage Hearts have made several appearances on the Irish scene including sets at Electric Picnic (2022 & 2023), Sea Sessions, Kaleidoscope and others.

The band have performed support slots including a notable appearance as specials guests of The Boomtown Rats in July 2023 (Evan later joining the Rats onstage for a jam of Mary Of The 4th Form and John Lee Hooker’s Boom Boom).

The band’s first single “Gang War” is released in collaboration with Blowtorch Records, an Irish indie record label based out of Galway whose previous credits include Adore, Turnstiles, Search Results, TV People and The Swedish Railway Orchestra.

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