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Gated Estates is The Band’s Self Titled Debut Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Gated Estates’ self-titled album offers listeners a captivating and unique musical journey that ventures into unexplored territories.

Gated Estates is The Band’s Self Titled Debut Album Out Now

The band’s decision to meld electronic elements with alternative rock creates an intriguing sonic blend that sets them apart from the mainstream.

Throughout the album, the group demonstrates a clear intent to carve out a distinctive niche for themselves in the music scene.

The juxtaposition of electronic and alternative rock elements within their sound generates a sense of ambiguity and wonder. Gated Estates successfully crafts a musical ambiance that seems to straddle the line between the familiar and the unknown.

This blend of genres yields a dynamic soundscape that immerses listeners in a mesmerizing experience, encouraging them to let their imagination soar.

One of the album’s standout features is its ability to construct intricate sonic landscapes. The sound waves seem to take on a life of their own, weaving intricate patterns that evoke vivid mental imagery.

This effect draws the audience into a dreamlike state, where they’re transported to uncharted realms, suspended between the past and the future.

This fusion of futuristic tones and hints of ancestral influences is an enigmatic quality that adds depth to Gated Estates’ music.

The careful consideration given to chord progressions and songwriting is evident throughout the album. Each track feels meticulously crafted, with thoughtful attention to detail.

The band’s mastery of songwriting shines through, resulting in compositions that are both innovative and emotionally resonant.

Gated Estates is The Band’s Self Titled Debut Album Out Now!


Gated Estates is The Band’s Self Titled Debut Album Out Now

Gated Estates was born from the impulse to return to conventional songwriting and production following years of working as an experimental musician, improviser, and sound installation artist.
I play and produce music in the acclaimed Welsh experimental duo, Peiriant with Rose Linn-Pearl. We have performed live sessions for Radio 3’s experimental show, Late Junction.

I have previously performed at Glastonbury, Nozstock Festival, Lakefest, How The Light Gets In and The Big Chill. With Gated Estates, I wanted to explore melodic songwriting with a rock sound ethos using experimental approaches to sound design.

The moniker ‘Gated Estates’ is conceptual, reflecting a lyrical exploration on the constructs of division; Through storytelling I have tried to examine these ideas as paramount to the health of the human condition. We seem obsessed with creating barriers in our cultures, societies, and lives. My forthcoming debut album tries to generate a storyline thread throughout the ten tracks as it moves from the confines of an imprisoned mind to some iteration of eventual freedom.

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