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Gave up on Me is 10 Billion Lost’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
10 Billion Lost’s “Gave Up on Me” throws you into a unique sonic limbo.

Gave up on Me is 10 Billion Lost’s Single Out Now

The song boasts a sound that feels suspended in time, drawing clear influences from the 80s while simultaneously pushing forward with a futuristic sheen.

Shows the band’s well-rounded artistic vision and their ability to blend classic elements with modern sensibilities.

The song’s instrumentation is well thought out. The melody is catchy and evocative, triggering a sense of nostalgia without feeling derivative.

The echoing toms pay subtle homage to the distinctive sound of 80s rock, adding familiarity for listeners who grew up with that era.

The synth solo deserves special mention, providing an intriguing and electric energy and further solidifying the song’s futuristic leanings.

The dynamics are expertly controlled, creating a sense of ebb and flow that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

This track is a forward-thinking exploration of sound. 10 Billion Lost proves themselves to be a duo with a keen understanding of how to manipulate elements of the past to create something fresh and exciting.

Gave up on Me is 10 Billion Lost’s Single Out Now!


10 Billion Lost is a Retro-futuristic synthwave duo based in Lisbon.

Gave up on Me tells a story of change and acceptance. While solitude has never sounded so profound, it’s not treated as a tragedy. Instead, 10 Billion Lost promotes it as a choice or a personal trait. “Gave Up on Me” is a dialogue between past selves and newfound strength, a soundtrack for those solitary walks under flickering streetlights.

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