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GEA New Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed GEA’s music in the past but she is out now with a new single and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Are you ready for a fantastic and epic journey?

GEA returns with an incredible Album that manages to convey real emotions.

This music won me over from the first notes, I like the references to traditional Scandinavian music. I felt the breath of the ancient people who lived in those wonderful lands.

The music of this artist makes you feel free and awakens ancestral emotions, while listening to this music I feel connected with mother nature.

The album follows a wisely thought-out line of logic and guides you on a very fascinating sound journey.

GEA’s voice with its unique timbre does the rest and enchants you as the mermaids did with Ulysses.

Go and listen to her music, it is worth it!

Call For A Snake is GEA’s Album Out Now!

Epic and Magic!


GEA is an ethereal storyteller from the North. She creates unique music through channeling. Her music has been heard in Netflix series Happy Jail, and her music videos have won a few awards at film festivals. She toured with her earlier releases (Butterflies 2017, Snow 2019)in Japan, USA, Canada and Mexico. Yet, her boldest move is her brand new album, Call For A Snake. It’s a stirring and soothing journey that invites the listener on a spiritual adventure.

The album process started when GEA was treated unfairly at work, and instead of listening to her screaming ego, she decided to try yoga. Daily yoga led her through the crisis as a winner, so she stuck with it. Little did she know that it would release powerful energies in her and change her entire life. She quit her job a year later and started to write this album.

Call For A Snake is a call for Kundalini energy. The songs are richly textured and musical, and they sonically span genres such as ambient, electronic, tribal, acoustic and symphonic music, 1980s dark wave, and indie-pop. The album is bisected by four parts, and each division is dedicated to a phase in our spiritual awakening. These passages of enlightenment are symbolized by the following spirit animals: a snake, a swan, a crow and a snow bunting.

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