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Genesis is Leonardo Barilaro’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Leonardo Barilaro is back with a new fantastic Ep, as soon as I saw that he had produced new music I threw myself on this Ep like an eagle on his prey.

Barilaro’s artistic vision is incredibly fascinating. His sound is universal and seems to bring with it an ancestral secret.

I have always been fascinated by space, by distant universes, by physical rules that contradict each other making you always feel small in this immensity that surrounds us. The music of this talented artist helps you to understand a little more what is going on around us…or at least that’s the feeling I got while listening to these tracks.

All the songs on this new Ep are fantastic and are to be sipped like a high quality wine.

Just one spin is not enough to appreciate all the nuances and the maniacal attention to every detail that this artist puts into composing his music…you have to relive this experience over and over to fully appreciate it.

An album that you must listen to with your eyes closed so to finally see what really surrounds us.

Genesis is Leonardo Barilaro’s Ep Out Now!

Unique and Futuristic!


Pianist and aerospace engineer Leonardo Barilaro releases ‘Genesis’, a space cinematic suite divided into four episodes. The new EP is part of his project “Space Piano Music Everyday”, a yearlong journey where every single day new music is published. Genesis has a fractal inspiration around the concept of creation, where similar patterns repeat on increasingly smaller scales and can model chaotic events like crystal structure and galaxy evolution. A similar path is seen in the process through the Universe and the human point of view with art and science. This is reflected in the visuals of the release. Genesis is a journey in one breath through space piano music overture, an orchestral neo-classical composition and a progressive metal outro.

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