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Get In Line is The Hill’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jon Kowit, the mastermind behind The Hill, unveils a treasure trove of Americana gems on his debut album, “Get In Line.”

Get In Line is The Hill’s Album Out Now

Kowit’s songwriting is sharp and deeply felt, drawing clear inspiration from legends like Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, and Neil Young.

Every detail on “Get In Line” feels meticulously considered. The album opens with “Dent,” a track that sets the tone perfectly.

Slide guitars weep alongside gentle female harmonies, showcasing Kowit’s refined musical vision. The music is steeped in the rich tradition of American folk, drawing influences from the Appalachian mountains and Nashville storytelling.

The title track, “Get In Line” is a personal favorite. The rhythm section lays down a steady, driving beat, while the melody unfolds with an effortless flow.

Tracks like “Make a Find, Not Trying, Wake Up Call” showcase Kowit’s ability to tap into a wider range of emotions, delivering a more introspective experience.

Production-wise, “Get In Line” is a superb. The collaboration between Kowit, Mike Slo-Mo Brenner, and a cast of talented musicians elevates the material to new heights.

“Setting Sun” stands out as a particularly interesting track. Here, the female vocals add emotional depth and a beautiful feminine touch that completes the overall artistic vision.

“Get In Line” isn’t an album to be devoured in one sitting. It’s a slow burn, a record meant to be savored like a glass of aged whiskey, each sip revealing a new hidden nuance.

Get In Line is The Hill’s Album Out Now!


Get In Line is The Hill’s Album Out Now

The Hill is an Americana style music project founded upon the songs of Jon Kowit, a former record store employee and indie label owner of Brooklyn’s Ascend Records. Jon has quietly written songs for several decades, but has never played them for anyone. A multi-instrumentalist, Jon learned to play guitar and piano by ear, and knew his methods were a bit unorthodox. For that reason and some shyness, he was never comfortable with sharing his music, until now.

Jon sought a collaborator to finally help bring his songs to life and posted an anonymous ad on Craig’s List, explaining his story and goals. Dozens of musicians and producers responded and offered their services. As fate would have it, one of the responses he received was from an old childhood friend. A former Little League teammate at age 10, Jon hadn’t been in contact with multi-instrumentalist Mike Slo-Mo Brenner (Jason Molina, Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, Wild Pink, Marah, John Train, Flight of Mavis. The Low Road) for decades, but he was a fan of his music.

In 2023 Mike agreed to work on one song with Jon, but the collaboration continued and spawned a 12 song album, entitled Get In Line, which Brenner produces and plays on every song. Other notable local Philadelphia talents joined in to contribute to The Hill project: Mark Shreiber (John Train, Slo-Mo, The Low Road)) (drums), John Cunningham (Pete Donnelly, Needlefish) – keyboards, Rosie McNamara-Jones (Matt Pond, The Low Road, Joey Sweeney) (violin) and Meghan Kyle (No Good Sister) (vocals). Jon plays rhythm guitar, piano and sings on 11 of the tracks.

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