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Get Your Attention is Matya’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I can’t wait to step into the world of Matya again, where mystery, charm, and uniqueness collide.

Get Your Attention is Matya’s Single Out Now

Her new single, “Get Your Attention,” is an experience that draws you in with its powerful vocal delivery.

Matya made me think about iconic artists like Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Anouk. Her vocal stylings possess a similar depth and personality, weaving vulnerability with strength.

“Get Your Attention” pulsates with European vibes, reminiscent of the British music scene. The driving rhythm section demands your attention, while Matya’s playful and irreverent vocals captivate and tease.

The song isn’t afraid to embrace its darker side. Hints of gothic influence peek through in the arrangements, offering a subtle nod to the 80s goth scene.

From the first captivating note to the final echo, “Get Your Attention” is meticulously crafted. The lyrics are introspective yet relatable, the production is polished yet edgy, and Matya’s performance is mesmerizing.

It’s no surprise that Matya is enjoying success on streaming platforms. This single showcases her talent and artistic vision, and it’s clear that her music resonates with audiences worldwide.

“Get Your Attention” is a song that demands to be heard, felt, and experienced.

Get Your Attention is Matya’s Single Out Now!


Get Your Attention is Matya’s Single Out Now

MATYA is currently in the finishing stages of production on her forthcoming EP set to release in 2024. MATYA’s project is meant to create generational anthems that speak to those who go against the grain of the traditional American dream. MATYA shares her time between LA and Paris where the EP was produced at Catmilk Studios, working with names like John Velasquez (Broods, Zella Day, Vacations), Dan Bailey (Father John Misty, Lana Del Rey), Gabriel Cheurfa (Draumr, Dorcas), Pierre Duval (Philippe Zdar, at Motorbass), and mastered by Mike Marsh (Calvin Harris, Jonas Blue, Ellie Goulding).

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