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Ghostly Times is MIRAGE’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ghostly Times isn’t just a band name; it’s a musical experience.

Ghostly Times is MIRAGE’s Ep Out Now

Their EP, MIRAGE, is a powerful immersion into an atmosphere that’s intense and nostalgic.

The vocals are the first to captivate. The melodies are intricately woven, refined and expressive, drawing you into the band’s world.

Musically, Ghostly Times draws heavily on alternative rock, integrating 90s influences into a modern musical vision. The chord progressions are meticulously crafted, showcasing the technical skills of each member.

The title, MIRAGE, perfectly captures the essence of their sound. Ghostly Times’ music is ethereal, tinged with a bittersweet nostalgia.

Imagine a sound where The Cure’s brooding energy meets Counting Crows’ melancholic storytelling – that’s the uniqueness of Ghostly Times.

While every song on the EP is solid, “MINDHUNTER” deserves special mention. The driving rhythm section and pulsating guitar riffs create a sense of urgency, and the screamo outro is unexpected and cool.

Ghostly Times isn’t playing around. This is a band with a clear vision and the talent to bring it to life. MIRAGE is a declaration of intent.

This band is on a path to success, leaving a trail of hauntingly beautiful music in their wake. Be sure to catch them now, before they truly become a mirage.

Ghostly Times is MIRAGE’s Ep Out Now!


Drawing influences from their contemporaries like Thrice and Circa Survive, Ghostly Times boasts songs with driving guitars, melodic hooks, and emotionally driven lyrics. The band unveiled their debut full-length album, “When All That’s Left Is Grey,” in August of 2017. Shortly thereafter, they released the single “The Sender,” produced by multi-Grammy award-winning producer Marc Urselli. This collaboration came about after Ghostly Times emerged victorious in the Melboss Music contest, earning them the opportunity to record at East Side Sound with the afamed engineer.

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