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Gimme a minute is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Santa Claws trade in their milk and cookies for a dose of rock and roll rebellion with their new single, “Gimme a Minute.”

Gimme a minute is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now

The song opens with a searing guitar riff that oozes attitude, setting the stage for a story about a free spirit named Sally.

“Gimme a Minute” throws playful shade at the notion of following the crowd. The lyrics are delivered with a sly, conversational cool, almost spoken in a way that recalls Billy Idol’s signature swagger.

The chorus explodes with a shot of 80s nostalgia. Think shimmering synths and a melody that wouldn’t be out of place on a Bronski Beat track. It’s the perfect halo for a song celebrating individuality.

Production-wise, “Gimme a Minute” is a masterclass in contrast. The crispness of the cymbals cuts through the mix, a stark counterpoint to the singer’s lower register vocals. It’s a detail that adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the track.

Santa Claws have delivered a truly infectious song with “Gimme a Minute.” It’s a celebration of nonconformity, wrapped up in a package of pure rock and roll swagger.

Gimme a minute is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now!


For 10 years, Greg Aubert has been leaving his mark on rock with Santa Claws, while also participating in numerous projects with diverse musical colors and always the same passion for authentic and refined rock ‘n’ roll.

Gimme a minute It’s the story of a rather whimsical girl called Sally. A young woman in love with life,very eccentric, on whom time never has a grip. Always very cool, never punctual, she has the gift of irritating those around her who are always waiting for her. Sally is a symbol of freedom. She never lets anyone or anything dictate her life. She doesn’t care about schedules or agendas. She lives her life as she sees fit. She lives one day at a time, without wondering what tomorrow will bring. She’s a child who has never accepted the codes of the adult world to grow up. She lives by night and sleeps by day, and sometimes vice versa. Can night and day be dissociated in her life? She doesn’t care, all she wants is to be left in peace, and if we’re always in a hurry, Sally lives on borrowed time, extending hours and minutes as she pleases.

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