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Ginny is Amplify Me (with Jenna Cogan)’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Amplify Me’s single “Ginny” offers a blend of refined compositional style and skilled musicianship that immediately grabs the listener’s attention.

Ginny is Amplify Me (with Jenna Cogan)’s New Single

From the intro, the intricate guitar work establishes Amplify Me as a masterful guitarist and composer.

The collaboration with Jenna Cogan adds depth and dimension to the track, with her intense vocals and heartfelt interpretation bringing the lyrics to life.

The synergy between Amplify Me’s instrumental talent and Cogan’s emotive delivery creates a powerful dynamic throughout the song.

“Ginny” maintains a pressing pace while weaving a nostalgic melody that tells the story of its titular character, her struggles, and her mistakes.

The song’s evocative narrative conjures images of the middle American landscapes, adding an extra layer of depth to its thematic exploration.

A great find that I suggest to everyone!

Ginny is Amplify Me (with Jenna Cogan)’s New Single!


Amplify Me is the artist name of producer and guitar player Wim van Winsum. He lives in Groningen, the Netherlands. Indie music label: Torrential Music. All music of Amplify Me is written, recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered and produced in his home studio. All instruments are played by him. He loves to make electric guitar music. Vocals are usually done by other Singers, for example Rick Winsome , Los Angeles based singer Jenna Cogan or Caribian based singer Zorina Andall for backing vocals.

His greatest inspirations have come from great guitar players such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton but also from players such as Mark Knopfler and Steve Vai. The most important thing about a good piece of guitar work is that it reaches you emotions and when the player experiences a direct line from the soul to the fingers while playing it.

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