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Glitches is The Infinity Process’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The opening seconds of The Infinity Process’ new single, “Glitches,” are a sonic avalanche – a harsh wake-up call for a generation sleepwalking through a simulated reality.

Glitches is The Infinity Process’ Single Out Now

The song throws you headfirst into a dystopian atmosphere, a world where artificial intelligence and virtual reality reign supreme and humanity remains blissfully unaware, distracted by the endless stream of information and entertainment.

The Infinity Process doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable truth – we are the oblivious sheep, blindly following the shepherd’s lead.

But “Glitches” isn’t just a downer. The song is masterfully constructed, with dynamic shifts in rhythm and intensity that build a sense of ever-increasing tension.

It’s a musical representation of our fragile reality, a world constantly teetering on the brink of collapse.

The accompanying video perfectly complements the song’s themes, with its protagonist echoing the journey of Neo from The Matrix.

It’s a visual metaphor for the moment when the scales fall from our eyes and we begin to see the world for what it truly is.

The production of “Glitches” is flawless, with every element contributing to the overall feeling of unease and urgency. This  song is a call to arms, a plea to break free from the digital shackles that bind us.

Glitches is The Infinity Process’ Single Out Now!


Glitches is The Infinity Process’ Single Out Now

The idea of our life being a simulation was fascinating to us, and opened our minds to the rise of artificial intelligence in our own lives. We thought about how we are becoming owned and tracked every second by our cell phones, our social media pages, and how even the real things in life, can feel fake in the current climate.

The Infinity Process is a Toledo, Ohio based rock band formed in 2014 and is made up of members Kimberly Tingley (vocals), Jason Tingley (guitar/bass), and Brent Gfell (drums). Noted for their versatile and hard-hitting brand of melodic rock music, The Infinity Process has turned heads on global internet radio, and electrified regional audiences with their energetic and unique live performances. The band has shared the stage with established and legendary acts such as Helmet, Sponge, Trapt, and We Are Harlot.

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