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Golden Tree is Daay’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Daay are back with a new cool single “Golden Tree” are you ready for this experience?

As soon as I hit the play button I immediately started a journey into the unconscious. The singer’s voice mesmerized me and I began to visualize the golden tree.

This song hides something magical and sinister at the same time which makes it very fascinating.

It is as if this song brought with it the atmospheres created by the Doors but in a more modern and experimental key.

The creativity of this band knows no boundaries, an immense talent that makes them stand out from the crowd as they manage to offer such innovative music that it becomes difficult to label it.

While listening to Daay only the greatest artists come to mind, like Nick Cave, David Bowie, Lou Reed and all those who have managed to take their music to another level.

An absolutely memorable experience that I recommend to everyone.

Golden Tree is Daay’s Single Out Now!



‘Golden Tree’ is a song exploring the evolution of life through the metaphor of the tree of life. The third and final single in the trilogy of singles exploring esoteric ideas, Golden Tree looks at the progression of evolution and what that means with poetic licence. Symbolised most naturally through the concept of an enormous family tree of consciousness, the roots are our grounding and the branches are our leading edge.

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