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Gomnia: Volume 2- Indimindi is Painted Friends’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Painted Friends defy categorization with their latest album, “Gomnia: Volume 2- Indimindi.”

Gomnia: Volume 2- Indimindi is Painted Friends’ Album Out Now

The album is a captivating blend of ethereal and intense atmospheres, mixing alternative rock, folk, and pop influences.

The result is a sound that exists in a unique limbo, defying easy comparison and making them stand out from the crowd.

Imagine a musical meeting of The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, and The National, yet somehow exceeding the sum of its parts. Painted Friends possess a sound so singular that even such a bizarre combination fails to capture their full essence.

The band’s songwriting talent is evident in the meticulously crafted chord progressions and the production quality rivals that of established giants like Dave Matthews Band.

“Gomnia” is an album that demands to be savoured, a complex and nuanced work that unfolds with each listen.

The rhythmic variations and dynamic shifts keep the listener engaged, while the overall experience is akin to sipping a glass of aged whiskey, each sip revealing a new layer of flavor.

It’s clear that Painted Friends are a band of seasoned musicians. Their years of experience shine through in the effortless interplay and the tight musicianship that underpins every note.

The result is a cohesive and unique musical universe.

Gomnia: Volume 2- Indimindi is a must-listen for adventurous music lovers who crave something fresh and genre-bending. Painted Friends are a band to watch, and “Gomnia” is a strong contender for album of the year.

Gomnia: Volume 2- Indimindi is Painted Friends’ Album Out Now!


Painted Friends is an alternative band from Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Our goal is to inspire our listeners to enjoy life, to love each other, and to create for themselves. “Gomnia: Volume 2 – Indimindi” is a collaborative experiment born from two minds embracing new creative approaches. The name, derived from introspection, holds the potential meaning of “independent mind,” reflecting the essence of our musical exploration.

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