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Got Trouble is Swerve City’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Swerve City, in their single “Got Trouble,” brings forth a sound that is both powerful and epic.

Got Trouble is Swerve City’s Single Out Now

This band’s music shows their dedication and the countless hours they’ve spent in the rehearsal room, honing their craft to perfection.

One of the standout elements in their music is the intriguing chord progression, complete with dissonances that, at times, evoke shades of bands like Alice in Chains.

Swerve City has managed to create a musical limbo of their own, and their expertise is evident in the sound they’ve crafted.

These are musicians of the highest caliber. The rhythm section provides a solid foundation for the song, while the guitars and vocals add the layers that define their signature sound.

“Got Trouble” is a cool and hard-hitting rock song that’s sure to leave an impression. Swerve City offers a musical experience that is compelling and energizing. It’s a recommendation for everyone seeking a dose of power and intensity in their music.

This band’s ability to merge power, epic sounds, and a modern approach makes them a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene.

Swerve City’s journey is one to follow closely, as they produce quality music.

Got Trouble is Swerve City’s Single Out Now!


Swerve City is an alternative rock quartet from Auckland, New Zealand, looking to leave an impression on the global rock landscape. ‘Got Trouble’ is the first single from Swerve City’s debut EP, Over Oceans. ‘Got Trouble’ is an assertive opening salvo that promises to get the blood pumping live. Formed at the dawn of the pandemic, Swerve City sidestepped lockdowns in Auckland City to release a string of singles and play shows throughout the early 2020’s.

Garnering features in the NZ Official Hot Charts and the radioscope top 40 rock charts, Swerve City have also shared the stage with some top talent including These Four Walls, Dead Favours and Coridian. Swerve City’s sound is a combination of tight rhythms, ferocious melodic vocals and transcendent lead guitars. Influences range from alternative rock, 90’s grunge, and post grunge, to modern metalcore, progressive metal and beyond.

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