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Grain of Sand is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Santa Claws’ latest single, “Grain of Sand,” captivates with its mysterious opening notes, drawing listeners into its haunting arpeggios and gradual buildup of intensity.

Grain of Sand is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now

The band’s masterful execution, evident from the onset, sets the stage for an alternative rock ballad with unmistakable 90s vibes.

As the song unfolds, it reveals layers of musical depth, each instrument contributing to its rich tapestry of sound.

The generous reverb creates a sense of expansiveness, enveloping listeners in an open sonic space that enhances the song’s atmospheric qualities.

The chorus melody shines with brilliance, reminiscent of Alice in Chains, adding further dimension to the track’s emotional resonance.

From its enigmatic beginning to its powerful climax, “Grain of Sand” shows Santa Claws’ compositional talent and solid artisti vision.

This single is a must-listen for music enthusiasts of all tastes.

Grain of Sand is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now!


For 10 years, Greg Aubert has been leaving his mark on rock with Santa Claws, while also participating in numerous projects with diverse musical colors and always the same passion for authentic and refined rock ‘n’ roll. One album (“Life is a Lie”) and one live EP (“Echoes”) later, the band with its new lineup continues to carve its path towards a more polished and timeless rock sound. As of today, the new formation, still led by Greg Aubert and Antoine Mongaudon, is preparing a new album, “…So Live and Let Lie”. The first single, “She Turns”, is already available on all platforms.

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