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Gravity is Josefine Neumann’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Josefine Neumann’s album “Gravity” is an ethereal experience that transcends ordinary listening.

Gravity is Josefine Neumann’s Album Out Now

Neumann’s voice draws you in, reminiscent of mythical sirens, luring listeners into a world that feels otherworldly and deeply personal.

Her vocal delivery carries an almost mystical quality, suggesting hidden depths and inspiring reflection.

The EP opens with “1234,” a track imbued with a wistful yet tender atmosphere. Its nostalgic melodies create a warm, inviting ambiance.

This song immediately establishes Neumann’s knack for evoking strong emotions through her music, blending sweetness with a touch of melancholy.

“Dizzy” shifts the mood inward, offering an introspective journey supported by exquisite choral arrangements and thoughtfully crafted chord progressions.

The layers of voices invite listeners to lose themselves in the introspective narrative. It’s a contemplative piece that encourages a deep dive into one’s thoughts and feelings.

The title track, “Gravity,” stands out as a highlight. It floats with a lightness that contrasts with its thematic weight, making the listener feel as though they are drifting in the vastness of space.

The delicate instrumentation and Neumann’s feather-light vocals combine to create a sensation of weightlessness, especially musically speaking.

For a brief moment, the constraints of gravity seem to disappear, replaced by an exhilarating sense of freedom.

Overall, “Gravity” is a cohesive and thoughtful collection, demonstrating Neumann’s clear artistic vision. Each track is a poetic expression, more akin to verses set to music than conventional lyrics.

The emotional honesty embedded in every song makes this album a rare gem, one that resonates deeply with the listener.

Gravity is Josefine Neumann’s Album Out Now!


Josefine Neumann is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter who has written, recorded, and produced five full-length albums of original songs in her home-based studio since 2023. She’s a self-taught guitarist who learned to play over the pandemic. “Gravity” is her latest release. She does all writing, playing, recording, and editing on her own — no help, human, AI or otherwise.

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