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Grey Eyes is Robert Silvester’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Robert Silvester’s single “Grey Eyes” offers a unique and intriguing perspective, showcasing a different facet of the artist’s work.

Grey Eyes is Robert Silvester’s Single Out Now

The song presents a story that many of us can relate to, a love that remains unexpressed, often due to the fear of its seeming impossibility.

The theme of unrequited or unexpressed love is a common and deeply resonant one, as it often speaks to the human experience of longing and missed opportunities.

The idea of an invisible barrier between two people, preventing them from fully connecting, is a poignant concept.

“Grey Eyes” reminds us that sometimes, despite our instincts and desires, we hesitate to take the leap and follow our hearts, as there can be a lingering fear of the unknown.

The song beautifully captures the emotional complexity and the sense of longing that such situations can evoke.

This song made me think that Edward Hopper’s painting “Nighthawks” could be an interesting parallel. Just as the painting portrays a sense of isolation and nostalgia, this song seems to evoke a similar feeling.

It captures the melancholic and reflective mood that can come with unexpressed emotions and missed connections.

 “Grey Eyes” encourages us to reflect on the complexities of human emotions and the barriers that can sometimes hinder connection and expression of love.

Grey Eyes is Robert Silvester’s Single Out Now!


This is the solo project of Robert Silvester leader of the band Trummerkind.

This song is about a man who has loved a woman for his whole life and has never had the courage to tell her his true feelings, now she is a waitress in the local cafe and he sits every day, drinking coffee and watches her as she happily works desperate to tell her the truth yet tormented by his cowardice as he leaves once more to return the next day, caught in the circle he created and cannot escape.


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