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Growing Up In Public is I Panic’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I Panic’s latest EP, “Growing Up In Public,” is a raw and intimate journey through the complexities of self-discovery.

Growing Up In Public is I Panic’s Ep Out Now

Buckle up for an emotional rollercoaster fueled by genre-bending soundscapes and introspective lyricism.

 I Panic’s style delves into the depths of human emotion, shunning banality in favor of profound honesty.

“Kill The Dog” kicks off the EP with an infectious ska rhythm, its energy serving as a counterpoint to the song’s introspective core. This sets the tone for the entire EP – a captivating blend of catchy grooves and thought-provoking themes.

“I’m Here in the Fridge” hits you with a barrage of pounding drums, drawing a parallel to Joaquin Phoenix’s iconic portrayal of the Joker seeking refuge within the refrigerator.

“I Will Never” takes a more introspective turn. The track’s twilight nature and thematic similarities evoke comparisons to Nick Cave’s signature style, adding another layer of depth to this EP.

“Stronger” is a full-fledged sonic adventure, reminiscent of David Bowie’s genre-defying spirit. It showcases I Panic’s ability to combine diverse influences into a cohesive soundscape.

Yo Yo Man injects a dose of classic 80s ska vibes, staying true to I Panic’s signature sound. It’s a burst of infectious energy that keeps the listener engaged and eager for more.

The EP concludes with “Sweet Take My Hand,” a delicate ballad that lays bare I Panic’s vulnerability. This song serves as a poignant reminder of his artistic versatility and his ability to navigate between genres.

Growing Up In Public is I Panic’s Ep Out Now!


Growing Up In Public is I Panic’s Ep Out Now

In 2021 I released my first songs, which I recorded and produced all by myself.

Three years, and many songs later, I have learned more on recording and producing, and I felt five of these early songs deserved a new version. Hence the EP’s title “Growing Up in Public”.

And when I was working on this, I found a song that was ready to be released in 2021 as well, but I forgot I had it…

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