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GUITARWORKS is Mortal Prophets’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away on a fantastic musical journey.

GUITARWORKS is Mortal Prophets’ Album Out Now

Imagine a spaceship traveling through the vast expanse of the universe, and feel the awe-inspiring beauty of the unknown.

Let your mind’s eye be filled with the mesmerizing beauty of the cosmos, where you are but a tiny part of something infinitely larger. Mortal Prophets’ new album, GUITARWORKS, is a sonic symphony that perfectly captures this cosmic experience.

The album is awash with rich, ethereal sounds that stimulate your imagination and transport you to a different plane of existence.

The tremolo effects on the guitars create a mesmerizing pulse, while the overall production is superb, with clear and well-recorded sounds that will resonate with your soul.

I had the pleasure of driving with my convertible along Topanga Canyon many times, and the song dedicated to that place somehow manages to capture the essence of that road and town in the middle of the Santa Monica mountains.

The album’s title, GUITARWORKS, is an apt description of the intricate and mesmerizing guitar work that is on display throughout the album.

John Beckmann, the visionary mastermind behind Mortal Prophets, has once again created a masterpiece.

GUITARWORKS is an album that will transport you to another world and leave you feeling both inspired and enlightened.

GUITARWORKS is Mortal Prophets’ Album Out Now!

Out Of This World!

GUITARWORKS is Mortal Prophets’ Album Out Now

GUITARWORKS presents a decalogue of soundscapes molded in the hands of John Beckmann, a consummate artist whose love of the visual bleeds through every note and texture. Like the ambient treks of Aarktica (Jon DeRosa), Beckmann turns the spaces between us into songs of vibrant connectivity. What sets these journeys apart is their circularity: destinations and points of departure are one and the same.

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