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Halloween With Scoopski is Scoopski’s Ep Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Scoopski’s EP “Halloween With Scoopski” is indeed the ultimate Halloween soundtrack that you’ve been searching for.

Halloween With Scoopski is Scoopski’s Ep Now

This collection of covers has been expertly selected to provide the perfect musical backdrop for the spooky season.

What’s immediately apparent when listening to Scoopski’s music is the sense of joy and fun they bring to their performances. It’s clear that these musicians are having a great time, and that enthusiasm shines through in every note.

This kind of infectious energy can really enhance the enjoyment of the listener.

One remarkable aspect of Scoopski is their ability to maintain a distinctive sound, whether they’re playing covers or originals.

I put an eye also on their previous album, “See You Soon,” which showcases a consistent sound…they have a clear artistic vision and a unique musical identity.

Scoopski is a band that knows how to deliver not only a good time but also a consistent and recognizable musical style. Their passion for music and their dedication to their craft shine through in both their original compositions and their cover selections.

If you’re seeking a band with a fun and distinctive sound to accompany your Halloween celebrations, Scoopski should be at the top of your playlist.

Halloween With Scoopski is Scoopski’s Ep Now!


Halloween With Scoopski is Scoopski’s Ep Now

Scoopski is a Philadelphia based Power-Pop / Pop-Punk act with a knack for writing songs that get stuck in heads and turn frowns into smiles.

Scoopski originated as a duo project between married couple Mr. Scoopski (on vocals and guitar) and Mrs. Scoopski (on piano, synth and vocals). The pair were inspired to start writing songs again after attending a Pink Spiders/Dollyrots show in summer 2019. However, Scoopski has recently expanded to become a full band in summer 2023, adding Philadelphia firebrands Marc Schuster on bass, Jackson Vincent on guitar, and Nick Cervini on drums, who will join the group for live performances and on future recordings.

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