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Hate Song is Balloon Shed’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Balloon Shed’s latest single, “Hate Song,” is a gripping musical journey that captures the essence of raw energy and direct expression.

Hate Song is Balloon Shed’s Single Out Now

The artist seamlessly blends inspiration from the rock of the past with a unique twist, creating a sound that is nostalgic and refreshingly original.

The distorted guitar work in “Hate Song” immediately grabs your attention, delivering a powerful and unapologetic sonic punch.

The raw, gritty sound of the guitar adds a layer of authenticity to the track, reminiscent of the untamed spirit of classic rock. Balloon Shed doesn’t hold back, and the result is a solid tune.

The vocal interpretation in “Hate Song” is equally compelling. Balloon Shed’s delivery adds a distinct character to the track, enhancing the overall intensity and emotion.

One of the standout features of Balloon Shed’s musical vision is the infusion of psychedelic vibes into the alternative rock landscape. This unique combination adds a layer of intrigue to the composition, making it a sonic journey with unexpected twists and turns.

Production-wise, “Hate Song” stands out for its authenticity. The instruments are not just heard; they are felt. The production creates an immersive experience as if the artists are performing right there in the room with you.

This genuine approach enhances the impact of the music, allowing the listener to connect with the artist’s vision on a visceral level.

Balloon Shed emerges as an artist to watch, offering a fresh perspective in a musical landscape often saturated with predictability.

Hate Song is Balloon Shed’s Single Out Now!


Hate Song is Balloon Shed’s Single Out Now

Balloon Shed is the bedroom pop project of Bristol (UK) based singer/songwriter, Rowan Davies.
Proudly lo-fi and offbeat, Balloon Shed delivers bouncy garage rock that takes inspiration from 80s/ 90s alt-rock acts and the kind of critical messaging purveyed by more contemporary artists such as Jeff Rosenstock and AJJ.

The project is an experiment in perseverance against experience – Davies only dusted off his guitar in 2022 after 20 years of abandonment. Soon finding enjoyment in the songwriting and recording process, he found his way – through trial and error – to producing and releasing Balloon Shed’s first track, “Prick”, on streaming services. This, he surmised, was repeatable.
Balloon Shed is amateur musicianship without ambition or expectations, using songwriting as a form of therapy, airing anxieties and angers whilst, above all else, laying down some undeniable hooks.

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