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Haunted By Myself is The Survival Code’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Survival Code’s “Haunted By Myself” is a powerful alternative rock track that delves into the delicate subject of mental health and the internal struggles we often face when being overly critical of ourselves.

Haunted By Myself is The Survival Code’s Single Out Now

With its expertly crafted chord progression and hauntingly evocative atmosphere, the song takes listeners on an emotional journey through the depths of self-reflection and introspection.

From the very first note, the song grabs your attention with its mesmerizing melody and intriguing tonal palette. The band’s skillful musicianship shines through as they weave a web of twilight vibes, enveloping listeners in a captivating sonic experience.

The combination of raw and emotive vocals, coupled with the duo’s tight instrumentation, makes for a compelling and heartfelt performance.

The dynamic shifts between moody verses and powerful, anthemic choruses create a rollercoaster of emotions that mirror the tumultuous journey of navigating through mental challenges.

The Survival Code exhibits a captivating sound that draws inspiration from the late 90s alternative rock era while seamlessly infusing it with a modern sensibility.

The duo skillfully combines nostalgic elements from the past with contemporary production techniques, creating a musical experience that resonates with both seasoned rock enthusiasts and a younger audience.

A great find that I recommend to everyone!

Haunted By Myself is The Survival Code’s Single Out Now!


The Survival Code are a London based rock duo known for their beefy, guitar laden songs, banging beats and huge live shows. The rock duo comprise of Gary McGuinness (guitar, vox) and Simon Hartop (drums, vox)

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