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Haunted House is Love Ghost’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Love Ghost’s latest single, “Haunted House,” is a captivating and dynamic musical journey that brings together alternative, pop, and rap elements in a way that appeals to the alt kids.

Haunted House is Love Ghost’s Single Out Now

The driving beat, skillfully crafted by Grammy nominee BrunOG, infuses the track with an irresistible energy that hooks listeners from the very first note.

But what truly sets this song apart is its unique collaboration with Mexican artist FLVCKKA, adding a fresh bilingual dimension to the lyrics, making it a true cross-cultural gem.

The seamless blend of English and Spanish lyrics showcases Love Ghost and FLVCKKA’s versatile talent, allowing them to effortlessly convey emotions and stories across linguistic boundaries.

The accompanying music video recorded in Mexico complements the song’s essence perfectly. It’s visually engaging and offers a compelling narrative.

Watching Love Ghost and FLVCKKA driving around in a truck and scenes in the jungle adds an adventurous and exotic flair to the overall experience, transporting the audience to a world where music and cultures collide.

Love Ghost and FLVCKKA’s performances complement each other beautifully, displaying authentic chemistry. Their individual styles blend effortlessly, providing the song with undeniable authenticity and depth.

Haunted House is Love Ghost’s Single Out Now!


“Haunted house” is a cool, underground anthem for alt kids, with a driving beat by Latin Grammy nominee BrunOG. The song has lyrics in both English and Spanish and is a collaboration with Mexican artist, FLVCKKA, produced by BrunOG.

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