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Haunted is Eddie King’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Eddie King & ReBoot’s latest single, “Haunted,” offers a refreshing authenticity that is often missing in today’s music scene.

Haunted is Eddie King’s Single Out Now

From the first note to the last, it’s evident that these musicians are not relying on computers and beats; instead, they deliver a raw and heartfelt performance that resonates with genuine emotion.

What stands out most about “Haunted” is the palpable chemistry between the band members.

Their ability to create an intriguing atmosphere through their collective talent is fantastic. It’s as if they’re sharing a musical dialogue, each instrument adding its voice to the conversation.

The bluesy vibes of the song, particularly evident in the guitars, are a testament to the band’s roots. Yet, they blend these influences with a refined vocal melody that adds depth to the track.

Listening to “Haunted” feels like entering a musical limbo where Pink Floyd’s experimentalism meets B.B. King’s bluesy soul. It’s an inspiring journey that entertains the listener from start to finish.

Much like a glass of aged whiskey, “Haunted” is best enjoyed in small sips, allowing one to savor each nuance. The guitar solo, around the three-minute mark, stands out as a moment of pure ecstasy.

“Haunted” is a journey that I wholeheartedly recommend to music lovers of all stripes—a reminder of the enduring magic that can be found when musicians come together to create something truly special.

Haunted is Eddie King’s Single Out Now!

Real and Genuine!

Georgia-based rock outfit Eddie King & ReBoot emerged as the culmination of almost 3 collective decades of collaboration between lead vocalist and guitarist Eddie King, rhythm guitarist Brian Wilson, and drummer Kevin Blocksom. Refining their vision at lightning speed, the band made its official debut on Thanksgiving Day 2023 with the release of their first single, Fallen, hit 1,000 followers shortly after, and have continued to gain momentum ever since.

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