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HAUNTED is The Deadly Beloved’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Deadly Beloved’s single “HAUNTED” is a captivating and intense musical journey that showcases their unique sound and dynamic construction.

HAUNTED is The Deadly Beloved’s Single Out Now

This band offers a modern and intriguing blend of rock, prog, and electronic elements that set them apart from the mainstream.

What immediately grabs your attention in “HAUNTED” is the way it’s dynamically constructed. The song is a crescendo of emotions, building in intensity as it progresses.

It’s a musical rollercoaster that takes the listener on a thrilling ride, from subtle and introspective moments to explosive and powerful crescendos.

The Deadly Beloved’s sound is a fusion of various influences, resulting in a style that’s both original and distinctive. The incorporation of electronic elements adds an extra layer of depth to their music, creating an atmosphere that is immersive.

The singer’s interpretation, while somewhat theatrical, adds to the overall intensity of the performance. It’s a vocal style that complements the band’s dynamic and emotionally charged sound, creating a powerful synergy.

One of the highlights of “HAUNTED” is the guitar solo, which showcases the guitarist’s solid technique and adds a layer of virtuosity to the track.

The Deadly Beloved is a band that demands attention, as they produce quality music. This is a band to watch closely, as they have the potential to make great things in the world of music.

HAUNTED is The Deadly Beloved’s Single Out Now!


The Deadly Beloved is an alt-rock band from the DFW metroplex comprised of Xavier Bernazard, Lauren Samonte, Sinclaire Wade, Victor Granados, & Josh Garrison. They are known for their explosive, transformative & emotional sound. Their latest single HAUNTED explores the notion of wanting the past to “stay dead” whether it’s a lover, event, or obstacle. It features a cinematic melancholic intro “i wrote a song for your funeral” w/ violin, piano & vocals which transitions into an eerie alt-rock tune “HAUNTED”.

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