Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | He Rises - featuring PATH:LESS is MADAME NEPTUNE's Single Out Now
He Rises – featuring PATH:LESS is MADAME NEPTUNE’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
MADAME NEPTUNE unveils a fresh guise for their single “He Rises,” featuring the skilled touch of PATH:LESS.

He Rises – featuring PATH:LESS is MADAME NEPTUNE’s Single Out Now

The sonic metamorphosis of this track introduces a new dress that captivates from the first note. PATH:LESS’s contribution to the song is convincing.

The essence of a truly good song lies in its core, and “He Rises” retains its fundamental allure amidst the stylistic changes.

The atmospheric and melodic qualities that initially drew listeners in remain intact, serving as the anchor to the revamped composition.

However, the new version takes a more epic turn, with a deliberate emphasis on high frequencies that tilts the scales toward metal.

MADAME NEPTUNE’s artistic vision, though evolving, remains unwavering. The mysterious and haunting vibes that have become their signature still weave through the musical fabric, entertaining and enthralling in this transformed rendition.

This metamorphosed version of “He Rises” positions MADAME NEPTUNE for broader recognition. The band’s readiness for labels like Century Media is palpable, as they seamlessly navigate the musical terrain that echoes the likes of Lacuna Coil and Evanescence.

The ethereal yet powerful soundscape carved out by MADAME NEPTUNE, now amplified by PATH:LESS, places them squarely among the ranks of bands that have left an indelible mark on the metal and hard rock scene.

“He Rises” in its evolved form shows the band’s versatility, readiness for larger stages, and their undeniable place in the pantheon of genre-bending artists.

He Rises – featuring PATH:LESS is MADAME NEPTUNE’s Single Out Now!


He Rises – featuring PATH:LESS is MADAME NEPTUNE’s Single Out Now

MADAME NEPTUNE. Magical Rock. MADAME NEPTUNE is a two piece art project founded in 2022. While Madame Neptune, a gifted medium, struggles from her past, her devastating dreams and the urge to stop the wrong prophets and false fortunetellers, her own story seems to be a bit complicated and complex.

Behind a wall of dark thoughts and translucent memories, lost feelings and melancholic pictures in her head, she is able to help people with her visions but her past is an unsolvable puzzle. Urok also dreams. But all he can hear is Neptune´s voice – and he will follow this voice. His resurrection is led by a craving for independence, power and emotions. Once they´ll meet, both will find something they did not want to find.




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