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Headhunting (Live) Two Man Advantage 2nd single

Good Day Noir Family,
This is the 2nd single from Two Man Advantage 12″ release which has more than 50% sold out! The Label DCxPC Live has just released a new Album by this great band. One side is a live show at CBGB from about 20 years ago, and the other is a more recent live show at Punk Rock Bowling.

Are you ready for another ignorant and violent ride?

This band gets straight to the point, here you don’t find commercial rules and plasticized beats… the only plastic you can find in this project is in the boobs job of some of their fans.

This music is instinctive, primal and direct.

Either you like it or you don’t like it there is no middle ground … this music makes you want to take Justin Bieber and beat him up so to make him stop making songs.

This music is a fetish experience to be enjoyed live. An orgy of powerful sounds and unleashed voices that just want to make you feel free for a few minutes.

With this music, you take off your mask and you can finally be yourself. I have great respect for bands and labels that promote real music.

2MA Live is Two Man Advantage’s Album Out Now! And You Can Order It Here 👇:


Side A and Side B were recorded live, 16 years apart, at opposite ends of the country. Side A is live at CBGB (home ice) in August of 2002. Side B is live at Punk Rock Bowling, Fremont Country Club, Las Vegas, May 2018.

  • A tracks: 1. Intro 2. No Time For Sippin\’ 3. Do What You Want 4. Don\’t Label Us 5. Hot Rod GTO 6. Head Hunting 7. Rumble/Blue Seat Riot Side
  • B tracks: 1. Bastard Of The Ice 2. Rookie Season 3. Lockout 4. Zamboni Driving Maniac 5. Commercial Break 10

Real and Irreverent!


This is the 2nd single from their 12″ release which has more than 50% sold out! The last single was from side B – Punk Rock Bowling. This single is from Side A – CBGBs Live in 2002. The song is a crowd favorite, and usually features a “rookie” running around the crowd tipping tables and spitting/spilling beer as he goes.

  • Drunk Bastard: Lead Vocals
  • Skate: Guitar/Vocals
  • Captain: Guitar
  • Snapshot: Bass
  • Coach: Drums/Vocals
  • Metal Myk: Vocals
  • The Rookie: The Rookie Recordings produced with: Dean Rispler, Jesse Cannon, Dave Smalley, Matt Verta-Ray 5

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