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Heart Mind Devil Sea is WhiteRoomNightmare’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
WhiteRoomNightmare’s album “Heart Mind Devil Sea” presents a captivating compositional style that combines modern sensibilities with intriguing melodic rhythms and bold melodic lines.

Heart Mind Devil Sea is WhiteRoomNightmare’ Album Out Now

This artist’s approach to music falls within the realm of hard rock, with hints of prog and alternative that reflect a penchant for experimentation and a desire to create something distinct from the mainstream.

The entire album carries a peculiar and epic halo, at times reminiscent of the grandiose sound of metal bands from the 80s. This sense of epicness adds a unique dimension to the music, making it stand out in the contemporary music landscape.

What sets “Heart Mind Devil Sea” apart are its refined arrangements and the acidic sound of the guitars, which contribute to the album’s distinctive sonic character.

Each track on the album is a coherent and solid piece of art, showcasing the artist’s commitment to delivering a consistently high-quality musical experience.

WhiteRoomNightmare’s “Heart Mind Devil Sea” shows the artist’s creative vision and ability to craft music that challenges conventions while remaining accessible and engaging.  This album is a noteworthy addition to the hard rock scene.

Heart Mind Devil Sea is WhiteRoomNightmare’ Album Out Now!


Heart Mind Devil Sea is WhiteRoomNightmare’ Album Out Now

The most difficult decisions we have to make frequently boil down to a choice between ‘what the heart wants’ and ‘what the head says’. The struggle between those two influences can often make us feel like we’re in an impossible situation as if caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.” – WhiteRoomNightmare

WhiteRoomNightmare is a one-man musical project dwelling within the rock/metal spectrum created by Paul Anketell, a self-taught musician from Northern Ireland

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