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Heavy Soup is Desert Ships’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
fasten your seat belts and get ready for a psychedelic journey into the universe of temptations where we face our weaknesses.

Heavy Soup is Desert Ships’ Single

The atmosphere created by this song is mysterious and intriguing.

The vocal interpretation reminded me of the voice of a 70s narrator telling you a story. The chorus is catchy, and the melody convinced me a lot.

The thing I liked the most is the change of pace and atmosphere that starts from minute 1.55. A very long instrumental bridge that takes you into the fifth dimension.

The guitar solo is brilliant. Usually, guitarists tend to exaggerate instead, in this case, few meaningful notes create the right atmosphere.

Desert Ships are awesome. Their music always manages to give emotions by creating unique musical worlds.

Heavy Soup is a solid alternative rock song that you need to add to your playlist.

Heavy Soup is Desert Ships’ Single Out Now!

Atmospheric and Unique!

Heavy Soup is Desert Ships’ Single

‘Heavy Soup’ is an infectious and uptempo fuzz blast through the cosmos and tells the story of a star gazer who despite copious warnings often finds themselves in sticky situations. A desire to escape the day to day grind, combined with the lure of temptation – the doing something we know we shouldn’t – leads our character to being “…stuck in heavy soup again”. It’s about learning from mistakes, or maybe not in this case.

It was produced by vocalist/guitarist Mikey Buckley and recorded & mixed at his home studio. Desert Ships – completed by Daniel McLean (bass/synth) and Claude Trejonis (drums/vocals) – demonstrate once again the quality of their craft and an astute ear for an entrancing arrangement. These lifelong friends blend garage rock, dream pop and neo-psychedelia to create their own sci-fi blues.

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