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Help On the Way (Cover) is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ari Joshua’s cover of the iconic Grateful Dead song “Help On the Way” is a mesmerizing and ethereal reimagining that adds a new dimension to the beloved classic.

Help On the Way (Cover) is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

In this rendition, Joshua takes the listener on a psychedelic journey, infusing the track with a sense of otherworldly wonder.

One of the most striking aspects of Ari Joshua’s version is its ethereal quality. The artist skillfully transforms the familiar melodies into a dreamscape of sound, creating an immersive and almost surreal atmosphere.

The added layers of psychedelia give the track a fresh and captivating allure, drawing the listener into a sonic universe that feels both familiar and new.

The production of the cover is optimal, allowing the intricate musical elements to shine.

Drummer extraordinaire John Morgan Kimock is rapidly emerging as a luminary within the music scene.

He’s presently on tour with projects helmed by the likes of Oteil Burbridge (from Dead and Company) and Mike Gordon (of Phish).

Given this impressive background, it’s only fitting that the rhythm on this track resonates so effortlessly and authentically.

Their contributions infuse the cover with a modern sensibility, while still paying homage to the original’s spirit.

The energy injected into Ari Joshua’s version of “Help On the Way” is undeniably infectious.

The pacing and momentum are elevated, giving the track a sense of urgency and dynamism that propels it forward.

This added vigor doesn’t detract from the magic of the original; instead, it enhances the song’s ability to captivate and engage the listener.

Ari Joshua’s interpretation manages to preserve the sinuous riffs and enchanting essence of the Grateful Dead’s masterpiece, all while infusing it with a renewed sense of vitality.

The cover takes the listener on a mind-expanding journey, inviting them to explore the boundaries of musical imagination.

Help On the Way (Cover) is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now!


Help On the Way (Cover) is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

Recorded in Williamsburg, NY, Help On the Way is a tribute to the Grateful Dead done in our own way. The players are worthy of mention an praise. John plays with O’tiel Burbridge of Dead and Co, and Mike Gordon from Phish!

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