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Here I Am is RISE’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
RISE conjures a hauntingly beautiful musical universe with their new single, “Here I Am.”

Here I Am is RISE’s Single Out Now

The opening is a masterclass in atmosphere, shrouded in swirling synths that evoke the spirit of the 80s with a modern edge.

The guitar solo that cuts through the haze is charming, channelling the reverb-drenched spirit of The Edge from U2.

There’s a distinct echo of Ghost’s “Mary On A Cross” in the song’s overall ambience. They capture a similar sense of nostalgic grandeur and 80s-inspired charm.

The musicianship on display is undeniable. Every note is well thought out, creating a dynamic limbo that ebbs and flows with purpose.

The bridge section is fantastic. The vocals soar with an ethereal suspension as they declare “Here I Am,” building tension before a powerful descent back into the core of the song.

“Here I Am” is a song that successfully blends vintage influences with modern production techniques, resulting in a truly unique and engaging listening experience.

This is a track that deserves a spot on any playlist that craves atmosphere, melody, and a touch of 80s nostalgia.

Here I Am is RISE’s Single Out Now!


RISE is a four piece band from Liverpool, England.

The lineup comprises of Sam Kinley (aka stayMellow) on bass and vocals, Paul Kinley on keyboards and backing vocals with Alex Mahoney on drums and Brian Petch on Guitar.

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